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20 March, 2018

What is the right time to move your website to Drupal

Choosing Right Cms Is Always The Most Important Thing

whether you're building a new website or thinking of migrating your website to another platform. In this article, we will be discussing that when you should migrate your website to Drupal CMS. If you find your website to familiar with the following stances than it is the right time to move your website to Drupal.

Your business is increasing

Your business is now growing and your community starts increasing. Is it your site ready to cope up with this? From a simple website to a complex one, Drupal manages all type of websites. Drupal provides functionality that helps you run a multi site environment efficiently. Each website is concerned with accessibility and Drupal does that job with boundless support.

You need a responsive website

As we all know that today the number of mobile users are comparatively more, so the majority of people are visiting your site are either from mobile or tablet. So responsive design is the only solution by which your user gets the best experience according to their device. Drupal provides responsive functionality by which you do not need to maintain various versions of your website.

If security is important to you

Drupal is considered to be most secure CMS as Drupal Community also has a security team which regularly identifies, reports and solves security issues. Many Drupal 8 traits, such as twig templating system and built-in WYSIWYG editor ensures security. Drupal is the trusted and highly secure CMS used even in government sites like If the US and Australian Government trusts Drupal, it is safe to say that we can too.

You can yourself edit things easily

Drupal made editing so easy that it offers flexibility and scalability in a way that a non-technical person can also edit the content easily. One can drag and drop images into image fields in Quick Edit mode. Drupal also provides an easy to use preview interface to let you clearly see how changes will look on different devices. CKEditor utilizes the AutoGrow plugin to better take advantage of larger screen sizes.

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right time to move your website to Drupal, choosing right CMS is always the most important thing
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