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Reasons that Play Crucial Roles in Making Your App a Big Failure
17 November, 2019

Reasons that Play Crucial Roles in Making Your App a Big Failure

Having a mobile application for a business is a must in the present market condition. But with that, comes the heavy competition to survive in the dynamic market. Hence, it is important that your brand must be unique in all aspects in order to be successful. With the same-old design and concept, you cannot urge potential users to download your app and to use it. That’s not it! It is also equally essential that your app works as the true representative of your brand and business. Many a time, a business owner fails to understand the need to have a well-designed app for the business. Hence, an altogether failed app is developed. 

Therefore, I have come up with the reasons that ensure your app should be a big fail. By avoiding these things, you can make your app flawless. However, the success of your business still depends on various other things that you know better. 


Poorly Researched Market & Audience

One of the important and initial phases of building a mobile app is ‘research’. If you lack there, then there are chances that your app will have to suffer in consequences. “Assumption is the mother of all failures” - a common mistake one does is assuming that users will love your app. I mean, can you be 100% sure about that? Certainly not! Hence, long before the development process, it is important to do deep research on the market, target audience, current choices of users, ways to appeal the users, and the odds to get success; everything should be well-researched. 


Not Choosing the Right Platform

Android and IOS are the two most popular platforms followed by Windows. All these platforms have a distinct way of operation. You must have gained some useful knowledge on when to choose which platform if you did deep research. If from starting you are wanting to build an Android application, but your target audience is the higher income group then there are chances that your app will be a big failure (if you choose to go with your wish). 

There is no hidden fact that an IOS user typically comes from a high-income group compare to an Android user. Along with that, your monetization strategy also defines which platform to choose for your application. If you are relying on in-app purchases, the undoubtedly IOS is the best platform. But, if you are looking to monetize it through ads then Android is the profitable platform. 


Lack of Originality

There is a fact that app stores are overbrimming with similar apps. And the most successful ones are those that boast originality and uniqueness in their concept, content, and design. With competitive research, you can know about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Creating a product that offers the same feature or services as your competitors isn’t going to help you survive in the longer run. You need to have a unique value proposition (UVP) in the first place in order to win over users. And for that, mobile app prototyping is the best method. Nowadays, it is essential to test a mobile product with prototyping for user-centric design and development.


Poor User Experience

As it is with the website, user experience (UX) is also a key factor to say an app is appealing. There are numerous components that are together put to present a great user experience. At an initial level, your app must be easy-to-use. If a user is struggling to navigate a particular section or unable to perform basic functions, then it is because of the poor user experience. Lond load time, app performance issues, and long registration process are some other examples of poor user experience. Make sure your app does not include any of these glitches. 

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