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SEO Redirect is a Necessary Evil
9 July, 2019

SEO Redirect is a Necessary Evil

There is always a way out when all the roads seem to have shut! The direction to the only road or path when all others seem to have closed is redirection in the simplest sense when it comes to making a non SEO marketer understand. The websites that run on the various links taking the users to the site may sometimes be sick or under treatment or may have just died, and in that case, the users must not bid goodbye. Only to get the audience and search engine crawlers to get them what they want, SEO redirect is used to get them straight to another link of the same website only for the link that they have got into first is not working for being under maintenance. This way it becomes easier on your part to not lose the previously earned traffic and keeping them engaged with a bright side!

There is nothing bad in redirection and it is a part of SEO techniques that is no longer a digital sham! Now the most interesting fact about the types of redirect URLs are different. There are 301 redirect and 302 redirects as well. The former is useful only when you have planned to entirely delete the early plan and opt for a new URL to replace the former. The 302 redirect comes into place when you want to repair and bring the same URL under action. The 307  error is just similar to 302 temporary error which is used to indicate the visitors to the site must not refresh it again and again. Until and unless you switch to the new URLs after redirect, you can only expect the return of invited audiences to return back from the 404 pages and never come back!


Reach The SEO- Friendly Redirect Reasons

Google Search Console: The Web developers can easily gain access to the 404 errors in the web pages and get them rectified without scrolling through each page, manually. When you log in to the Google Search Console you gain access to the obstacles prohibiting Google to crawl through your site.

Content Forest: This is another prominent tool that allows one to catch the flaws of the website through simple copy and paste the URL for redirects. It allows you to stay updated about the obstacles in the path of your traffic generation and preserve your authority over the domain that you secure.

Chrome Browser Extension: If your website contains any broken links, you need fear about it anymore affecting your overall performance. The Chrome browser extension allows incorrect or broken redirects and informs you to rectify the same by prime changes brought about.


How to Take Advantage of the Redirect?

You can change the name of your domain, page URLs and the content from one directory to another. All your backlinks will not go in vain once you get the 301 redirects accomplished. The precious SEO juice got preserved in the same process. Google, on the other hand, preserves the best websites for showcasing its visitors who wish to obtain the best of what they surf the search engines for. So, here the debate between the HTTP and https comes to an end with Google adding its preference to https and will barge in with a warning on your site for not using the latter. 


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SEO-Friendly Redirect Reasons, How to Take Advantage of the Redirect
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