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3 September, 2018

Unnecessary pop-ups can irritate your user.


In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace environment, it’s hard to visit a website that doesn’t have a jumping, flying, flashing pop-up subscription form. Now, the question arises is - is this a good trend? Most of the time, these popup ads are truly intrusive and annoying and can often ruin your experience of browsing the web via tablet. Besides, these disruptive pop-ups can consume more data especially if you are using mobile data.


The pop-up may look legitimate at first sight but they are not useful. It is developed with the intention of creating web traffic for the site and promotion of products. But what if the focus is more long-lasting, like forming a loyal customer relationship, establishing a renowned brand or optimizing for Google search results? Well, then it gets tricky. The trouble is, pop-ups also have at least one huge downside, and you should face it directly before deciding whether or not to implement them on your website. There are, however, various of pitfalls that showcase that not using pop-ups is big enough:


    1. Direct negative impact- A Large number of pop-ups on a single page not only irritates customer but also helps them in making a firm mind on not returning on your page. If you do not implement them properly on your page they will surely drive away your soul audience. Most of the time in this situation users close their browsers altogether.
    2. Hidden Exit Buttons- If a user finds the exit button hidden, it gives him/her an impression that you have deliberately hide the button. You either want the user to download your material or like your page. But not providing enough options can compel them to not visit your web page anymore.
    3. Seems like a spam- Whether you land on the page of shopping website or payment sites, one thing that is common on most of the pages is scattering of multiple of pop-ups which directly translate to “spam”. By this, your brand’s reputation gets affected negatively.
    4. Pop-up Halt- Most of the tech-savvy consumers complains that the pop-ups t they configure out on their screen is to block them out on their Firefox or Chrome.
    5. Relevant Information gets hidden- This is a fact for full-screen pop-ups because they tend to load last, users have just begun to read the information by the time you block their view.

Using pop-ups can be seen as a  little desperate and grabby, especially when used in an industry that doesn’t usually rely on them. But, yes they seem to fit best in the field where trends come and go such as marketing, graphic design, web design, fashion and home decor.


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various of pitfalls that showcase that not using pop-ups is big enough, pop-ups can irritate your user
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