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2 December, 2018

9 Interesting Web Development Trends in 2019 to Take Business to Next Level

Web Development Trends in 2019: What's in Demand?

Web development has evolved drastically over a few years. in 2107-18, there was a rage about virtual and augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, tracking user behavior, and talking with chatbots. So what's next?
In this article, we're going to cover the web development trends to look for in 2019 for all businesses.

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Web Development Trends 2019


1.  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Don't know what AMP is? It's that feature that helps a load page quickly without any delay. Typically, when you are looking for something and open it on the mobile or desktop, it takes a while to open but not anymore. Studies revealed that usually 51% of the users use their mobile devices to open web pages and receiving high traffic from mobiles is foreseen. The project of getting pages loaded quickly on a  mobile is underway and can be rolled out in no time.

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2.  Progressive Web Applications (PWA)


This is yet another web development trend to look out for in 2019. If you want our business to win the rate race and come forward in pleasing the readers then acing the online space in the arena of website friendliness is the key. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) do the same job for you. The same way a computer browser displays a webpage in an app like setting, PWA lets the readers have the same and seamless experience while viewing on their mobile phones. The app-like user experience is one of the hottest web development trends to rule the online space in 2019.


3.  Shadows and 3D View


Use of shadows and 3D views have adorned the websites for quite some time now but despite being popular, they haven't been used everywhere. The shadows and 3D effect give a real-time notion of the website and are easy to load on to as well. Use of different techniques and applications to 3D views and shadows to make them appear more real and appealing is going to be that one web development trend in 2019 to vouch for.

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4.  Virtual Reality


Virtual reality hasn't really crawled up to be a big thing in the web development space but is soon projected to be the hottest web development trend in 2019. This is one space where most web developers need to focus on. For instance, if yours is a real estate website, you can put up a QR code of the listings on the web and those with a VR headset can get an actual and inside picture of the property they are interested in. not just this saves sellers' and buyers' time but it also makes it easier to go ahead with the purchase from the comfort of our home.


5.  Integrated Animations (Motion UI)


This is one trend that has stayed for a while after coming into trend a few years ago. Having an active page with animations makes a site and page feel alive and fresh. Not just that it keeps the readers engaged to your site but also makes them return to your site for more. Animations on the site make them fun to watch and some studies have also suggested that it gives some employees a much-needed breather break from work providing them with stress relief. This is one promising web development trends in 2019 that's going to stay for long.

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6.  Push Notifications


Push notifications are one such web development trend that can turn the visits into leads and eventually into sales or can even turn drastic ending up losing all your customers if misused. Such is the impact of push notifications on its users. Understanding the user behavior before indulging in this trend is extremely crucial and can certainly go a long way in sustaining a business.


7.  Mobile Web


One of the most imperative web development trends to vouch for in 2019 is the use and increase in mobile web. As we've already discussed a humongous percentage of folks using their mobile devices to access sites, having a website that is responsive on several devices is not just important but need-of-the-hour as well. All businesses need to focus on this aspect if they want to stand in the market as mobiles are handy and easy to use and no one waits for a desktop to fetch the information they are looking for.


8.  Artificial Intelligence Support - Chatbots


While talking about web development trends in 2019, chatbots are definitely the next big thing. With businesses operating across the world at given time zones, there is no definite time slot for the queries coming in from the customers. Having manpower available at all times of the day and night to interact with the customers is going to cost every business a bomb for sure. This is where artificial intelligence metrics like chatbots spring into action. Not just these save time and huge costs but also keeps the potential customers glued to the business.


9.  HTML 5 in place of Flash


If there is any web development trend in 2019 that's going to stay beyond then it certainly is the use of HTML 5 in place of Flash. Since a major chunk of the web users accesses sites from their mobile devices, it's crucial to have HTML 5 as the mobile devices don't support flash. Imagine having your business interrupted by 51% - that' sure a lot of moolah!

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Trade pundits predict 2019 is going to be a great year going by the web development trends to follow in 2019. If you have a website and want to make it future proof for the coming years or want to get a new website made from the scratch, let the skilled and experienced tech geeks at Auxesis Infotech sail you smoothly through the tech-advanced time. We are one of the champions in the field of website design, development, CMS, and appealing graphics solutions for businesses.

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