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Web Design Influence SEO Ranks
2 September, 2019

How can your Web Designs Affect your SEO ranking?

You must be quite confused after misinterpreting the title that led you to this structure of the write up isn’t it? Let me clarify the meaning in the simplest sense to you. As we have heard a lot of times, that “don’t judge a book by its cover” but to the most salient fact it is always not so. When you are visited by random people through the search engines with the best of results out of what you wanted to know, you always strive to not look for the best content that the website consists of but also the best designs that make you stay and not run off the same web pages while rolling your eyes through them. No matter how rich the information in the form of content is placed on the website, but the real essence of the website comes forward only when the content gets reflected or say, complemented by the best designs which are completed by typography, layout, color contrasts and graphics. You need to be versatile while planning a website for your top rankings in the race of search engines and that requires your attention in both contents topped with authentic designs or visitors would drop the idea of searching for you and your rankings despite one side weight drops down!

Being Sapio is Incomplete without Aesthetic Senses

To stop the bounce rates of your ranking, which is also known as pogo-sticking, you must bring into your concern the aesthetic senses of the audience over and beyond the content strategies only. Undoubtedly you must focus on maintaining the uniformity between the two so that one does not score less than the other and for the same, there are some peak points that must alarm you every time you want to rank.

Shoddy Texts: The font style must be chosen too wisely that is not different from paragraph to a paragraph but remains the same throughout the content completion on the website. Neither should it be too small or too large that it appears to be bizarre on the part of the observer. The color scheme of the layout must also make it easy for people to understand what is written without any difficulty.

Audio might be Evil: When one goes through your website, the sounds must not become an explosion suddenly or unpredictably. This is because it might be very irritating on the part of the visitors who might be in an environment or mood where they are not ready to hear the audio out of their control capacity to pause it even. Ensure that if you are putting videos or audios of explanations they must have the mute option as well.

Too many things are pointless: If you have filled your website with too many images or videos which might make your website slow. For this, your page loading might be affected which in turn will sway away your audience before they can really sneak a peek into what you do and what your business holds for them.

Pop-ups: The sudden pop-ups after opening a website are a common tantrum to conclude but it may be equally irritating for consuming a lot of time of the visitors where they may just close your website if every time the pop up flashes in front of their eyes. Before just hopping into their details or information, you must relate with your audience, build trust and then jump into other tasks fulfilling your certainty.

Extravagant Content: Content is the charm adding insights to your business. Until and unless the most comprehensive content is surfacing your website, how can you expect masses to understand why you are there and what you have for them. Make very sure that you have high quality and unique content making your website rich and flourishing at the same time.
Be responsive and navigable: If you are not found on all devices that are used in opening your website, then what is the use of carrying out a brilliant concept? People use all sorts of devices apart from carrying their laptops or PC’s everywhere they roam around. So if your website has good UI, and responsiveness in terms of availability and quick pick navigation, then you are the word of the assembly!

A great layout: Everything needs its own space and so does your content and images! Without one hand distance, how is it possible for you to perform drill? So, white spacing, a consistent header, and footer, the accessible and convenient gap between the images or videos and content must be there which makes a perfect layout or background structuring the base or foundation of your website.

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As a result of poor web design will definitely be painful to your SEO which will be hard to recover from. Thus, assure your website to top the search engine rankings by staying ahead of others. Auxesis Infotech has always tried to maintain the discipline of posing itself forward in both design and SEO platforms.

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