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Auxesis Infotech Offers All Types WordPress Development Services
12 May, 2021

An Insight Into Auxesis Infotech’s WordPress Website Development Specializations

In this competitive market, a website is a digital house of a business and the most important asset as well. And before anything, it is crucial for every business owner to understand that an ordinary website cannot represent your business in the most effective way. Thus, it has to be an exceptional one. Considering the huge competition in the market, it is always important to create a unique, feature-rich, and powerful website that can stand out from your competitors. Now, when it comes to creating a successful website, businesses and developers always prefer to go for WordPress website development. WordPress has always been considered the top choice to create any type of website. And why not? It’s the most popular CMS platform with a 64.7% CMS market share. The popularity of this renowned CMS platform can also be ascertained by the fact that WordPress powers 41% of the top 10 million websites in the world that are visited the most. 

Well, considering the immense perks of WordPress, it will need an entire post to talk about this popular CMS platform. Therefore, without going deep into the unrivaled capabilities of WordPress and its features, let’s talk about why you should seek assistance for your WordPress website development project from Auxesis Infotech. 

In case you have no idea what Auxesis Infotech is, well, we are a leading WordPress website development company that has immense experience and great market knowledge to provide you with the best-in-class services. As an experienced service provider, we are well aware of ins and outs of WordPress website development. And it’s our in-depth knowledge about this CMS platform that allows us to create the best solution for your WordPress website development project. 

 And to help you better understand our WordPress website development expertise, this post is going to be all about our specialization in WordPress website development. From WordPress website development to WordPress theme development to WordPress plugin development to WordPress maintenance & support to WooCommerce development, we have a range of specialization under WordPress development services that you would want to explore. So, let’s begin! 

An Insight Into Auxesis Infotech’s WordPress Website Development Specializations
  • WordPress Development For Websites

Being a renowned WordPress website development company, we provide exemplary services when it comes to creating WordPress websites. Over the years, we have worked on more than 250 WordPress ranging from personal portfolios to corporate websites. For every WordPress website development project, we build a strategy and a plan to follow. And to create a successful plan, we give importance to each and every intricate detail of the client’s requirements or the business needs.

If you want to use the capabilities of WordPress to its best in order to build a service website, a travel site, news portal, enterprise website, or any other type of website, Auxesis Infotech is here to help with its exemplary WordPress website development services. From providing you the best solution, choosing the best theme out of all available WordPress themes for your project to ensuring the best security to meeting your each and every requirement, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver you a flawless product. Well, along with the seamless development, our experts also focus on following best practices to optimize your WordPress website database in order to deliver you an exceptional product. 

  • WooCommerce Website Development

Under our WordPress development specialization, we can help you create any type of website of the best quality, but an eCommerce site. Ecommerce website development comes under a different category which is WooCommerce development. So, yes, you can consider us even if you have an eCommerce website development requirement. In case you don’t know, WooCommerce is a WordPress framework that allows you to create an eCommerce site. And through our WooCommerce development services, we aim to help retail businesses to operate online. As an experienced WordPress website development firm, we have a dedicated team of WooCommerce development that always aims to provide the best solution to businesses. 

It’s not just the design or the feature that we put emphasis on in our WooCommerce development services, but we also ensure to make the eCommerce site highly intuitive, engaging, and SEO-optimized. As we told you above, we have in-depth knowledge, hence, we know about all the aspects that are essential to provide the best-in-class WooCommerce development services. Whether it’s about which SEO tool is best for your eCommerce site or the best security measures to follow, we always got you covered. 

  • WordPress Theme Development

As a leading service provider in the field of WordPress website development, we know that different businesses can have different requirements. Where some businesses look just for the website creation, some have requirements for WordPress themes. In fact, many businesses even wish to create a fully customized website including the theme And for that, the need for WordPress theme development comes into the frame. Although there is a huge library of more than 11000 WordPress themes available to choose from, yet sometimes, a WordPress website development project could fall into a category where it requires custom assistance in the form of WordPress theme development. 

If you are one of those businesses that require custom assistance for WordPress theme development, well, rest assured as we have all the resources and the right expertise to build the desired WordPress themes for clients. You not only can avail of our exceptional WordPress theme development services for your WordPress website but also WooCommerce development project as well. 

  • WordPress Plugin Development

Along with WordPress themes, our talented team of WordPress specialists can also help you with WordPress plugin development services. If you are new to the WordPress world, a plugin is basically a software component that is used to add a specific feature to an existing website. Now, just to let you know, WordPress has over 55000 plugins to choose from. A huge number right? But despite that, there could be higher chances that you won’t find the right plugin for the exact feature you want to add to your website. And in such a situation, our WordPress plugin development services come to your rescue. 

Being a renowned WordPress website development firm, we provide tailored WordPress plugin development solutions. Along with the development part, we also ensure to integrate the built plugin into the website without even affecting its functionality under our WordPress plugin development services.  Just like our WordPress theme development services where we cover WordPress themes development for WooCommerce websites, we also provide WordPress plugin development assistance to both WordPress website development and WooCommerce development projects. 

  • WordPress QA and Testing

There is a reason why we call ourselves a full-fledged WordPress website development agency. Not many WordPress developers offer QA and testing services for WordPress websites. Auxesis Infotech, as a top-rated WordPress development company, is also known to lend its professional expertise to businesses that are looking for QA & testing services for their WordPress website. As experts, we know that every website bug is annoying and somehow impacts the performance of the website negatively. And the antidote to all the website bugs is quality assurance and testing services. From the theme to plugin to other features of your WordPress website, every aspect must be checked for a bug fix. 

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve used a pre-built theme out of those many available WordPress themes or have built it from scratch, it is crucial to test its efficacy through QA & testing. Similarly, there are many aspects in the website including the plugin to check for any existing or potential bugs. Just like other services, our WordPress QA & testing services can be used for both WordPress website development projects and WooCommerce development projects. 

  • WordPress Maintenance & Support

If you have a website or a WordPress website development project ready to go on the floor, it is crucial to know that WordPress maintenance & support is different from WordPress QA & testing services. And it’s not just about the WordPress website, but every website needs maintenance and support assistance throughout the year. And as we said, we are a complete WordPress website development agency, and hence, provide the best-quality WordPress maintenance & support services for not just websites, but WordPress themes and plugins as well. We do regular quality checks under WordPress maintenance services and look for any errors, bugs, or performance-related issues. Whether you have a WordPress website development project or a WooCommerce development project, you can avail of our WordPress maintenance services to make your website up and running

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With that, we come to the end of this post. Now that you know all our specializations under WordPress development services, it’s time to talk about some businesses. If you are looking for the best professional support for your WordPress development project, well, we’re here to help you. As a leading WordPress development firm, we have worked with all scales and natures of businesses from across the globe.

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