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Dos and Don't While Working From Home to Be More Productive

Working from home can lead to increased productivity! 

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you the above statement is all true, but only if you work smartly. There are numerous benefits of working from home and we all know a majority of them, right? Certainly! 

No doubt, working from home is awesome…….. I mean, who cares if you’re not in formal attire; who cares you don’t have tidy hair (unless & until you don’t have to video chat with your boss); who cares you’re working while lying on your couch? But, all these perks of WFH anywhere say you can be less productive? No, right? 

Don’t you think, in this pandemic situation where your organization has given your health and safety the utmost priority, and have asked you to work from home, you should also show a little care towards your organization? Wondering what you should do? Simple, try to be more productive! How - that’s indeed a question to ask! But, worry not, I have here included some dos and don’ts to help you bring the more productivity out of yourselves. 


  • Create a Routine

Now that your regular routine has changed with WFH situation, it’s time to make a new routine for your work from home. This will immensely help you increase your productivity. Set a schedule with all the tasks that you are supposed to do throughout the day. Also, set time limits for each of the task.

  • Stand Up

Make your kitchen countertop or dining room table into a temporary standing desk for some part of the day. It might seem pointless to many of you, but studies have shown that standing up while working can help your increase your focus and productivity. Besides, you can also burn calories if you choose to work while standing. 

  • Keep in Contact With Your Team

The fact that you’re working from home doesn’t mean you are your own boss. Remember you are still accountable to your superiors and responsible for your subordinates. With modern digital tools, working remotely becomes same as working from your office. If your organization has opted for a cloud-based HR system, make the best use of it. It not only helps organizations to stay in connect with its people, but it also allows employees to update in/out time, holiday request, and most importantly their personal details through which anyone can contact you. Similarly, you can also find the personal details of your contemporaries so that you can connect with them if need their assistance. 

  • Make Use of Right Equipment

If you are looking to increase your productivity while working from home, you have to invest in the hardware, like a laptop, PC, or mobile phone, that will help you to achieve that. You cannot look to enhance your productivity with a faulty laptop or poor internet connection. Hence, make sure that every resource you’ll be using during your WFH period work perfectly fine. An apt desk and chair are also part of those resources that help one to work smoothly even from home. 

  • Make Your Workspace Appealing and Inspiring

If you have a separate workspace at home (which you should have), then make sure it is all appealing and inspiring to make you sit there and work for a straight 8 or 9 hours. You can make your workspace appealing by decorating it or adding things that inspire you to work without any distraction and difficulty. An inspiring workplace means you will be able to work with your maximum productivity. 

  • Take Regular Breaks

Many employees have this misconception that taking breaks on WFH could deliver a bad impression. Well, that’s not true! Well, yes, it will leave a bad impact only if you take more breaks than usual or try to manipulate your break times. 

To be more productive, it is important to give your mind and eyes some timely breaks from your desktop screen. In those breaks, you can choose to exercise or eat a healthy snack or take a walk in your home itself. But, hey, be loyal and do not try to manipulate your break times.

  • Keep Things Organized

Before your official work begins, make sure you keep the necessary things with you on your desk. Yes, you are at home and those things will be easily available at any point time. But it will hamper productivity. To grab each thing, you will have to leave your seat which will not only take time but also disturb your concentration towards your work. So, in order to be more productive while working from home, you should keep your home office organized. 


  • Don’t Work From Your Bed

Well, you can, if you want to. But, working from your bed won’t help you achieve higher productivity. As per researches, when you bring your professional work to your sleeping environment, it weakens the mental balance between work and bedtime. It is one of those habits which are hard to leave, but if you will, it will be easy for you to enhance your work productivity. 

  • Don’t Let Social Media Distract You

Yes, you get an opportunity to work according to your way in WFH situation. But that way should help you to increase your productivity instead of lowering it. There is no doubt that social media is a big-time distraction for anyone. And if you let it in during your work time at home, then surely you are going to get nothing related to productivity.

  • Don’t Snack All Day

Just because you are at home and have all your eating stock with you does not mean you need to snack all day. You won’t give it much care, but there must be some food in your fridge or food cupboards that will make you feel dizzy or sleepy after eating it. So, avoid eating much during your work from home time. Or you can fill your cupboard and fridge with healthy snacks. 

  • Don’t Turn the TV On

Without a doubt, TV is the biggest distraction for anyone who is working from home. Your mind can be easily tempted with just a thought of watching web series or movies on TV. Remember this is not the way how your WFH scene should be if you want to deliver higher productivity. 

  • Don’t Limit Yourself to 9-5

This is by far the most important thing to keep in mind. If you want to enhance your productivity while working from home, do not restrict yourself to 8 hours. If you think that’s too much to ask, then think again and again. Think until your perspective changes because hard work is the only shortcut to success. 

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Indeed, work from home is a great opportunity but only if you take it in the right way. Use this opportunity to showcase your capability of delivering higher productivity even working from home.

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