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20 August, 2018

Email Marketing as a Digital Marketing tool


In the era of Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing platforms are one of the most potential choices of the brands for marketing of products and services in today’s competitive world. The most terrific way to cut down the huge competition and scale your business much faster is the adequate knowledge of digital marketing tools. These days, digital marketers live and die by the tools of the trade.

With ample of different online marketing tools, it has become difficult to know from where to start. Each new tool requires an investment of your money and choosing the wrong one can be a hassle.

According to a survey conducted in March 2016, Ascend 2 and its Paid Research Partners demonstrated that among 275 marketing professions Email is the most efficient digital marketing tactic. Email marketing tool was measured against other digital marketing tactics like SEO, social media, paid search and many more. As a result, the survey found that 61% of this group marketers consider Email Marketing as their prominent marketing network.

Email marketing has become an essential tool for digital marketing ever since the introduction of the internet to the world. This form of direct marketing uses electronic mail as a means of communicating with the purpose of moving customers from one stage of “value journey” to the next.


So, now the question arises are why and how should one go about email marketing? Below are the few thoughts on the matter:


    • Easy to Use-  Email marketing tools are user-friendly and enable us to create emails that continually improve our sales performance.
   • Detailed Performance Reporting-  It enriches business communication, target specific key markets along with email cost-effectiveness. It’s no wonder that email marketing often blows other marketing strategies out of the water.
    • Success Path- Believing in the analytics available today, it has become convenient to track responses to your emails exactly in order to get a sneak peek of parts of your campaign are working or not. With this knowledge, you can then react instantly to modify your campaign strategy if needed.


    • Intuitive Designer - This refers to the complete designing of the email (layout/images/ color).It acts as a good notion to ask the customer about the text of the email.
    • Integration - Companies not just rely on one method of marketing, they look for the best. The marketing strategies that utilize integrated marketing communication which results in the promotion of work together to create a whole. And that’s the reason Email marketing is included here.
    • Attributes - Here we are talking about the email header, with attributes including the subject line, to address, date/time and format. Once again, testing your attributes will work best for your business.

Email marketing is a vital component in most of the industries can’t be ignored. So, try to send a meaningful email that goes straight to the inbox - Make it worthwhile to read!


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why and how should one go about email marketing, Email marketing has become an essential tool for digital marketing
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