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In-House vs Outsourced SEO: Which is Best Option?
25 May, 2020

Should You Do 100% of your SEO In-house?

Do you believe in doing SEO in-house? Well, that’s a great move for your business. However, in many cases, doing in-house SEO doesn’t turn out in the way it was planned. Even if you build the most effective in-house SEO team, sometimes the best solution is to outsource the SEO services. Hence, here is this guide that tells you some real-world scenarios where it is necessary to bring external help or where you can stick to your in-house SEO team for optimizing your website. So, here we begin the guide to in-house vs agency SEO services in various situations. 

Scenario 1: You Haven’t Done It Ever or Not At Least in a While 

  • For Small Organizations

Small organizations mostly have less complex websites with a limited budget. Hence, the best way is to take some time to find issues and fix them. Thereafter, you can bring someone for your SEO audit that could help you solve more complex problems. For a small or startup organization, it is not a good deal to invest in a full-year contract. Once the audit is done, it is up to your how you want to solve the problems. If you want to do it in-house, then you should follow a guide to building an effective SEO team. With the tight budget, it is best if your hired agency spends its time providing SEO services for intermediate or advanced issues. The basic ones can be solved on your own.

  • For Large Enterprises

For large enterprises with complex websites, it is always an ideal deal to outsource an SEO team. A professional SEO agency helps you give a big picture view of how to fix problems. However, if you have an effective in-house SEO team with the required skills, then consider doing it on your own.

Scenario 2: You’re Struggling to Get the SEO Team On Projects and Non-SEO teams to Do Their Part of SEO
For small organizations, bringing in an in-house SEO manager is a great decision. It somehow makes everyone listen. Without an in-house SEO manager, you won’t be able to bring the best out of your SEO team. Whereas, for large organizations, it is important to bring someone who well understands how to bring a change in behaviour in non-SEO teams. 

Scenario 3: You’ve Been Doing SEO For Quite a While and Wondering More You Can Do
In such a scenario, there is no need to bring a fresh perspective. Even the ones who have the right to do it prefer doing it once every year or every other year. 

Scenario 4: You Have a Big Project As the Top Priority
This is the case where most companies compare in-house vs agency SEO services and always look to bring the outside help for SEO audit and maintenance. And this is the best decision most organizations take considering their priority. However, there are also organizations that choose to keep their focus on SEO strategy and hire outside people for the big project. For those companies, it is easier to outsource people for a big project. It is because SEO maintenance requires tiny changes that need to be resolved while working with different people in the organization.

Scenario 5: Your Website Traffic Fell and You’re Not Sure About the Reason
There is nothing wrong with being clueless about a particular thing, especially when you are professional in it. In such a case, most companies either look for a guide to building an effective SEO team or seek outside help. But, ideally, the best thing, in this case, is to outsource an SEO team that can bring a fresh perspective and a new SEO strategy for you. 

Scenario 6: Large Amounts of Content Creation
In a case where you need a large amount of content for your website, it is best to outsource SEO services. They have their own writers who can write appealing content for you as well as optimize the content. 

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If you are stuck in any of these scenarios, well, we have tried to give you the best solution for that particular scenario. Hope the solution will work for you. To seek more help, you can connect with Auxesis Infotech. We are a leading digital marketing company with proven experience in delivering the best digital services to clients. 

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