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The Need for Having a Mobile App for Your Business
20 January, 2020

The Need for Having a Mobile App for Your Business

How many applications do you have on your phone? Well, I am sure, the number would not be less than 30. For a fact, 57% of the total digital media usage comes from mobile apps. As per a report by Statista, a total of 205 billion mobile applications were downloaded in the year 2018. The same report also stated that the numbers are expected to increase by 25% by the year 2022. it was stated that  That’s indeed some convincing facts to shift the focus of every organization towards building their own mobile application. 

But what concern the most to organizations are questions like do they really need a mobile application even after owning a business website? Why it is so important for a business to launch an application? Why mobile apps are so popular these days? 

Well, the answers to all these questions are well-explained in this post. All you just have to do is keep scrolling and reading. So, let’s get started! 

  • Smarter Marketing and Branding

Not many organizations (or their organization owners) don’t know that a mobile application plays a huge role in marketing and branding their respective businesses. The marketing and branding aspect comes when an organization launches its application. You must have noticed whenever an application is being launched or any feature has been added to it, the business starts the campaign of marketing and branding on various platforms. Through the campaign, they try to convince viewers to use their application by letting them know about the benefits that come along their app. 

Besides, the branding part works when a consumer downloads your app on his/her device. By doing that, the consumer can see your logo on the screen of the mobile device every time he/she checks the phone. This entire act works to brand not just your app but business as well. As a result of that, the logo leaves a lasting impact on your customers’ memories.

  • Get Data and Insights

When customers download any application on their devices, they give the company the authority to accommodate a small space on their smartphones for the app. As a result of that, companies get access to data and some useful information. The acquired information can help increase the effectiveness of any marketing or sales strategy. Thereafter, these strategies can be planned, adjusted or implemented by the decision-makers. 

  • Customized Communication

At the present world, people easily move from one trend to another. However, linking the trend to your brand is a big challenge. Customer acquisition can still be considered easy but retaining them is indeed the difficult task. Hence, comes the need for the application. It allows you to communicate with existing customers on a regular basis. Push notification is one of the ways to interact with clients. Unlike a website, the notification sent by an application is more likely to get customers’ attention. 

  • High Conversion

An application makes it easier for a customer to buy a particular product or service. It not just give customers the option to shop but also to pay through their mobile devices. By using the data/information provided by the customers, you can send them offers and essential information. This allows you to connect more with users. As a result of that, it becomes easier for your sales team convert potential leads into sales. 

Does Every Business Need an Application?

Absolutely no! Businesses that are operating on a small scale can make the best and efficient use of their website. They don’t need an application, at least not for now! Their primary goal should be on the building a brand presence. Once they have successfully established their presence in the market, then they can build an application. Also, the budget also plays a crucial role in deciding whether or not to go for mobile app development. Comparatively, website development is economical. 


As a business owner, the final decision is still in your hand. However, it is advisable to consider all the aspects (from budget to business scale and requirements to your niche in client) influencing the decision of developing a mobile application. 

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