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As the modern web design best practices continue to evolve over the years, what was relevant in 2018 may not work in 2019. With so much at stake, business impression and sales, you just can’t afford to take these for granted.

Some years back, having a digital presence was enough to survive but as consumer behavior trends are continually changing, businesses now need to be on their toes all the time to not miss a single opportunity to interact with their target audiences online. One of the most important customer's engagement tools online business advertisement.

Your website is a gateway to generate business traffic and convert into sales. Without having a website that is optimized for global success, your digital marketing strategy will sink even before taking off.

If you browse the internet, you’ll find many websites missing that “near perfect web design” mark at many levels. You’d certainly not want to be one of them. As the year 2018 already ended, let’s look ahead at the web design best practices to follow in 2019 to have a successful business year ahead.

Web Design Best Practices 2019

Purpose - Centric Landing Page

It would be a huge mistake to underestimate the importance of landing pages. The web design best practices state that landing pages are designed with the sole intention of getting visitors to act in the desired manner. Unfortunately, not many websites understand the importance of landing pages and the wonders it can do for a business.

While a landing page can be of different types, from asking a visitor to buy your products or services or persuading a visitor to exchange their contact information for the newsletter, blogs, and eBooks, such practices work because that’s what expected.

However, brands can keep things interesting by tweaking the intent of landing pages and inviting the visitor to subscribe to a vlog or a podcast, ditching the obvious newsletter. Try to avoid landing page design mistakes and keep your landing page focused, clean, and nothing overwhelming to distract the visitors.

Optimized CTA Buttons

We have insisted time and again that don’t send your visitors on a wild goose chase when they land upon your website looking for information. Websites aren’t supposed to be that difficult to use. If any element of the user experience isn’t what you call comfortable, chances are that you’ve lost a potential lead.

Competition is fierce and the online space is crammed with websites and businesses. Your competitor is just a Google click away. To keep users engaged and interested in your business, the website design process should include actionable buttons called CTAs (Call-to-Action).

Here are some of the CTA best practices to consider:

  • Phrasing the language of CTA as “I” instead of “We” increased the CTR by 90%.
  • Color of the CTA button matters. 32.5% say that orange colored CTA button works for them while 21% say red colored CTA button worked.
  • Personalized CTAs have a 42% conversion rate.
  • Reducing clutter around CTA resulted in an increase of CTR by 232%.

Responsive Web Design

Most web design best practices worldwide suggest responsive web design is the way to be. It would be business-risking to assume what device your consumers would be accessing your website on. It could be a desktop or mobile device. How a visitor experiences your website depends largely on their screen size and the device they’re using, which is why you need to opt for responsive web design.

Statistics say that 8 out of 10 users shun a site if the content isn’t displayed well on screen from whichever device they’re using.

Social Media

Web design best practices advocate that your business has to be on social media as the website can’t be the only digital marketing tool but has to be the epicenter around which other tools have to be built.

One of such elements is social media as in today’s digital era what an audience expects is the easy and seamless interconnection between the website and social media platforms.
Embedding social media links on your website would help a viewer to navigate easily on to your social media profiles to know your brand and business better.

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Hire a Professional Web Design Company

The world of digital footprints is large enough for businesses to navigate alone and getting lost more commonly. A professional web design company can help your business create a website that ticks all the right boxes, looks great, draws visitors, and adhere to all web design best practices. Contact Auxesis Infotech today and get your dream business project take off with our competent web design services.

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Kaya Catering
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