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12 May, 2021

6 Companies and COVID Vaccine Producers That Have Their Website On Drupal

Did we ever think of living a life that we are living right now? Never, I assume! But still here are we; forced to wear a mask, maintaining social distancing, and staying at home most of the time. After all, what else can we do in this global pandemic situation? I’ll have to be honest here - for some time, I underestimated the severity of coronavirus or the COVID-19 disease. In fact, we all did, right? We saw the healthcare infrastructure of many developed countries collapsing due to this global pandemic last year. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all this sums up the year 2020 for the world. 

And with the advent of 2021, there came a ray of hope - we got to hear about the news of different COVID vaccines rolling out in the market. That was some relief for the world in the dreadful pandemic situation. As a result, things are relatively better now as compared to what it was at the same time last year. And the lifesavers were those pharmaceutical companies that invented the COVID vaccine. But hey, we are not here to take you back to the memories of that dreadful pandemic time that we all have faced. 

Being a Drupal development company, we believe in letting the world know the power of Drupal as CMS technology. So, we are going to fill you with some insightful information that relates Drupal to COVID-19 vaccine producers for coronavirus treatment.

9 organizations that are leading the race of COVID vaccine production, six have a Drupal website.

In simple terms, those 6 coronavirus vaccine producers have their website built on Drupal. Interesting isn’t it? Now, let’s talk about the Drupal website of each of these companies that are working hard and fast to produce the vaccine in large numbers for the coronavirus treatment.

6 Companies and COVID Vaccine Producers That Have Their Website On Drupal

  • Pfizer 

Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company based in New York, USA. It was one of the first organizations that came to the front and announced COVID vaccine production in 2020. The efficacy rate of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is around 91.3% which is one of the highest amongst all those companies that are producing the vaccine for Coronavirus treatment. 

Talking about its Drupal website, well, it is built on Drupal version 7. Though the organization is using an older version, yet, the website doesn’t show it. From speed to performance, their Drupal website is well-maintained. It won’t be a surprise if they choose to update their site to the latest Drupal version as Drupal 7 is expected to get discontinued in November 2022. 

  • Moderna

Moderna is another American pharmaceutical company that brought joy to millions of faces with their COVID-19 vaccine during the pandemic time. The company is known as one of the chief producers of the vaccine for coronavirus treatment. The vaccine produced by Moderna has an impressive efficacy rate of 94.1% again coronavirus. 

Now, if we talk about their Drupal website, well, they also have the website built on Drupal 7. They have an impressively looking website where you can know everything about the company. Just like Pfizer, we can also expect Moderna’s Drupal website to be updated in the near future. 

  • Johnson & Johnson 

Amongst all the mentions on this list, Johnson & Johnson is one such company that is known to all. Based in the U.S., it’s not just a pharmaceutical company but it also deals in consumer packaged goods. Talking about the COVID vaccine developed by this company for coronavirus treatment, well, it has an efficacy rate of 66% globally and 72% in the USA. Unlike most of the COVID vaccines in this pandemic time, this one works with a single dose. However, the company is also in a trial phase to give people the two doses. This may increase the efficacy rate and will prevent an individual from other mild and moderate diseases. 

Coming on to the Drupal website of Johnson & Johnson, well, it is another COVID vaccine producer that has its website built on Drupal 7. Rather than keeping an aesthetic or pleasing design, they have chosen Drupal development to create an informative website. And that is what you see on the home page of their Drupal website, i.e., their latest updates, news, and information. 

  • University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is probably one of the highly reputed educational institutions in the world. The world has seen some great leaders, physicians, professors, Nobel prize winners, and more who have been alumni of the University of Oxford. And in the time of need during the COVID-19 pandemic, the university came forward to announce its participation in creating the vaccine for the world for coronavirus treatment. Talking about the efficacy rate of the University of Oxford, well, it is 63.09%.

The Drupal website of the University of Oxford is exceptionally built and is also seamless in all important aspects such as speed, performance, and UI. Considering their core, they have kept the section of news and updates on their homepage along with a section for their students. Their website is built on the latest version of Drupal, which is Drupal 9. 

  • Novavax

Novavax is a vaccine development company based in the USA and with their headquarter located in Gaithersburg. The vaccine produced by the company is one of the highest efficacy vaccines for coronavirus treatment in this global COVID pandemic. The COVID vaccine by Novavax showed an 89.3% efficacy rate

If you look at their Drupal website, well, it’ll definitely seem like a modern site built exceptionally well. They choose Drupal development services for the Drupal 9 version, which is the latest one. Hence, they have an appealing website that includes everything from their latest updates, resources, to information about their investors. 

  • Sinopharm

Sinopharm, also known as China National Pharmaceutical Group, is a pharmaceutical company that is a leading COVID vaccine producer for coronavirus treatment. Sinopharm is one of those companies that first came forward to build the COVID vaccine during the pandemic time. The efficacy rate of the Sinopharm’s COVID vaccine is 79%

Talking about the Drupal website of Sinopharm, well, they kept it a simple yet informative website for the people. Unlike other organizations on this list, they have maintained a separate section of news and updates on their website and not on the home page. Sinopharm has used Drupal development services to build their website of the Drupal 9 version. 

So, these are the 6 leading COVID vaccine producers that have worked hard and fast to give the coronavirus treatment that we all needed the most. And in their operation, surely Drupal must have been a great help.

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