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28 May, 2018

Ways to improve customer service with your website

For any company to stand on its feet, it requires the support of its customers. The customer is the absolute King when it comes to business. And good customer service is the key that unlocks the door to a healthy customer relationship. As Tony Hsieh stated, “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company”, one must always abide by this policy. So, keeping this in mind, these are the following ways in which a firm can improve customer service by using their mobile-friendly website.

Live Chats:

Putting yourself in the shoe of a customer, one should understand the problems incurred by a customer when a product is delivered wrong, damaged or doesn’t live up to the expectations. The customer wants to put forward the queries and seeks instant results. This is where live chats come into play. Customer’s query is resolved quickly and a good rapport is built in the eyes of the customer.

Query Submission Forum:

Everyone wants to clarify all the queries in their heads before shelling out money from their pockets or even after purchasing the product. So, the query submission forum is essential as the customers can post there queries in these forums and get their queries resolved.

Tracking Option:

This feature allows the customers to track their products/projects and the status bar is constantly updated with every process completed. This makes the customers happy as they are kept in the loop and are aware of the status of their products/projects.

Return & Exchange policies:

 Gone are those days when returning and exchanging products was a big hassle. But calling a customer care number and following their instructions is too monotonous, isn’t it? So if you own an E-commerce website then the solution to this problem is by including the option of return and exchange on your website so that the customer can resolve this directly on the website rather than conversing manually over the phone.

Reviews Submission Forum:

Let the customers do the talking. In this way, customers can freely write their reviews and other customers can read the same. In this way, they can think accordingly and purchase the product. And if the reviews are bad, then it is a signal to pull up your socks and work more on customer satisfaction.

Ask for feedback:

A feedback forum is essential, as it gives a good impression on the customer and any query related to a product could be resolved at the earliest. Always ask for suggestions as you always have a margin for improvement.


Unarguably, one of the most important factors in this list. Be it a new customer or an old one, transparency is appreciated by all. If you want your company to rise, then your forte should be “Deliver, what is promised”.

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At last, I would like to conclude this with a quote by Jim Rohn which says, “One customer, taken care of, could be more valuable than the 10,000$ worth of advertising”. So, building healthy relationships with your customers is the first and foremost thing, an organization should look up to.

ways to improve customer service, improve customer service by using their mobile-friendly website.
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