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5 Most Common Design Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Application
16 June, 2020

Design Errors that Can Destroy Your Mobile Application

Are you an aspiring mobile app designer with a vision to master your art? Well, if that’s the case, then you certainly need to know some important hacks to excel in your career. While building a mobile application, it is very much important to be flawless. How you can make sure that? Well, that’s simple! By avoiding mobile app design error. Unknowingly, many designers often make mistakes sometimes ruin their applications. Hence, to help all the designers out there, here I present a list of some most common design errors to avoid. 

  • Not Doing Requirement Research

Even before starting the actual research, there is basic level research that you have to do that will your to refine your product by adding the best design to it. As basic level research, you need to find answers to several questions:

  1. Why are you designing this mobile app?
  2. Will your app design will lure a large number of audience?
  3. Will it help users to satisfy their expectations?
  • Poor Onboarding Impressions

As they say, the first impression is the last impression, it is true even in the case of mobile app design. Poor onboarding impression is a common development mistake a majority of app designers do. If your first impression isn’t appealing and effective, there are higher chances that users will get quickly disinterested in staying on your app further. Including the onboarding process is a good move but making it a lengthy isn’t an intelligent move. It is important to keep in mind that when a user logins to an app for the first time, he/she has no idea about how that app works or what it provides to users. Hence, offering the best onboarding process to engage users is very important. 

  • Not Doing a Competitor Review

Recognizing the competitive mobile app market is very crucial to make an application successful through your mobile app development services. Doing a competitor review helps you to differentiate your app and its offering from those thousands available in the market. Take a competitor review about what the mobile app is hoping to achieve and how, and what design processes and practices they are following. If you are considering doing that, prefer UX competitor analysis. 

  • Forgetting Monetization

Yet another design error that mobile app designers often do is forgetting monetization. By incorporating a monetization strategy into the mobile app interface and design, you can deliver a seamless experience to your users from the beginning. It is a hard truth that with no sound monetization strategy, a mobile application may fail to stand on your expectations in terms of earning, irrespective of the fact of how popular the app is.  

  • Failing to Address Bugs Quickly

It doesn’t matter how much experience you are, mistakes can still happen. Avoiding bugs is amongst those design errors to avoid for designers. No matter how many times you have tested your app, there is still a chance that users will find a bug in your application. Hence, fixing bugs should be a continuous process throughout the lifecycle of your application. Give attention to major bugs whereas smaller bugs can wait. But it is important to address this development mistake for the seamless operation of your application. 

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Following these mistakes no way guarantee of success. However, avoiding these can certainly cost you a lot. Being an aspiring mobile app designer, you always want to deliver the best result. Avoiding these most common mobile design mistakes is a way to do that. For more such information on mobile app development, you can check out our blog section. Auxesis Infotech is a leading mobile app development company offering exceptional services to clients. Not just this, we also love to impart aspiring individuals about web technologies through our blog posts.

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