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11 October, 2018

Make your website User-friendly with these 5 tips

Usability, or User Experience, is the art of making your website user-friendly, simple and easy to use. Understanding your customer’s online behavior gives you insight into what works and what doesn't.
According to studies, you have 5 seconds to impress your visitors to stay on your website. Most of the website have captivating design, amazing content, eye-catchy CTA but all these are in vain if your website is not user-friendly.
User-friendly is a term used to make your website easy to use. It provides your visitors with a pleasant and fulfilling experience. When a visitor has a positive experience they are more likely to come back, refer to friends, make an inquiry, buy the products, sign up for the newsletter and many more. Well, if you have a user-friendly website, I am sure you must be enjoying the perks and those who didn't follow the below mentioned tips to make your website accessible and user-friendly.

1. Structuring Content-


How content is organized and presented on your site is an important factor for website traffic. The average internet users skip the process of reading the full content and scans through the highlighted words or phrases to determine whether it is relevant to their needs or not. Hence, it is important for you to have complete focus on headings, sub-headings, paragraph division & bullets so that users can find it easy to operate.

2. Easy Navigation-


When we talk about the user-friendly website, easy navigation is one of the most important factors we have to consider. What else can a consumer ask for if they know where to find the exact product they are looking for. Adding a menu option on your website will take the customer directly to what they want.

3. Fully responsive design-


According to a study by Tony Media, 94% of people rejected a website due to flimsy design. If a design seems outdated, it can make the user feel that the business itself doesn’t have the latest tools and techniques. Creating an attractive website with user-friendly responsive design shows that the organization is contemporary and cares about its client and customers.

4. Combine fun with functionality-


A monotonous website not only decreases your website traffic but also increase bounce rate. So, if you want to surprise your visitors and to ensure that the site continues to captivate your visitor’s attention then start using different page layout, a video or an infographic to keep things interesting.


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Final Thoughts
The more your website is user-friendly, the more time a user will spend on it, which in turns leads to high traffic rate and decreased bounce rate. So, give your business an edge over your competitors with a user-friendly website. Get your best user-friendly website at an affordable price only at Auxesis Infotech.

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