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19 March, 2018

Reasons explained: Why to choose Drupal as CMS

Which CMS to choose is one of the most common question these days.

There are many CMS available in the market and to choose best from them is still a question. So we came up with reasons why to prefer Drupal over other Content Management System. Drupal is a beezer content management and online marketing platform.

There are a bunch of CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal, among which Drupal is the most preferred CMS for websites all over the world. From simple to complex one can easily make a website using Drupal. There are many reasons why to adopt Drupal over other CMS, of which there are some main reasons.

Power of Drupal

Drupal is a complex content management system. If someone needs a tremendously effective website with so many functionalities for pictures gallery, forums, and event calendars/schedulers. Then in this situation, Drupal provides all flexible solution.

E-commerce??- Undoubtedly go for Drupal

A few related frameworks we can consider are Wordpress, Joomla, and Magento. Now, one thing to remember, for an e-commerce site, there are lots of complex features. So a simple e-commerce platform is not suitable for this. We will not suggest Magento because Magento is an e-commerce platform primarily. Now coming to others, Wordpress is a CMS and not a framework. So we decide to leave it out from the race. The battle narrows down between Joomla and Drupal now. And the reason for preferring Drupal over Joomla is because of it's better developer API, more community support and it's security. Hence to us, Drupal stands a clear winner.. :)


Security is the main concern for website developers. Every CMS have issues with security. So for this why Drupal is to be considered best because even, was built with Drupal. If the US and Australian Government trusts Drupal, it is safe to say that we can too.

Why is Drupal the excellent media platform?

Drupal + 3rd party integrations + an expert host = Your complete media solution.

SEO Friendly

It is necessary for any website to have good google ranking. So SEO work is must nowadays and provides many simple SEO modules. Drupal is built by the combination of clean codes and has powerful modules. These are the factors make Drupal SEO friendly. There are many ways to boost up SEO of a CMS (by installing third-party SEO modules), but Drupal core structure is so clear in itself that websites get good ranking automatically. Also read, Optimize website using simple techniques

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So these are the main reasons why should one undoubtedly go for Drupal as their CMS choice. Drupal stood odd and best whenever it comes to comparison between CMS.

why to choose Drupal as CMS, why is Drupal the excellent media platform
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