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20 March, 2018

Why you should redesign your business website every three years?


Redesign Your Business Website Every Three Years For Better Results

Website Designing is an integral part nowadays with every business and like moreover it’s been seen and said that your business doesn’t exist only if you don’t own a virtual address i.e. you must have an online presence in the form of a website. But this doesn’t mean that you make your website once and then just forget about it. With the time, changing scenarios and technology upgradation it’s very important to redesign your business website every three years.


Change is Inevitable

Let’s first talk about the importance of redesigning your business website. Why it is important can be gauged from the fact that in this fast-paced and adaptive environment where people get bored easily and need new things to come up and replace the old for betterment, they always seek out for things more innovating and refreshing. Change is one permanent thing that always exists and calls for better opportunities and results. By the time websites turn slow to load, old look is not that eye-catchy anymore and it’s not mobile friendly as well.  Website redesigning can reinvent your online presence in a true manner.


Whatever is beneficial for the business deserves attention

With the current scenario where everyone is present online, searching for something or the other, come across with many different websites with attractive designs and smooth navigation be it online or on mobile or anywhere, can and will always differentiate and would rather skip your outdated website even if the product you are offering matches their requirement.


Major benefits of having your business website redesign would be:


•    Better and Improved UX-

As per the surveys, its proved that 76 percent internet searches say the most important characteristics of a website is ease of use. A better structured and laid web design makes the information more readily available for visitors. By adding more videos and graphics, chances get higher of lead conversion of a delighted visitors. So it’s very important to redesign your business website timely.


•    Search Engine Optimization-

SEO ranking is one important aspect which is required to be focused on to have more and better performance of your website. An improved strategy is proven to attract more visitor to your website. There is a huge difference in the percentage of leads monitored when compared with direct marketing tools. SEO shows up like 14.6 % of lead conversion wherein other marketing tools like calls and print advertising only yield 1.7 percentage which actually a huge difference and worth investing in redesigning of your business website.


•    Mobile Friendly Website-

In 2018-19 mobile market is expected to increase by 7 percent which is already more than 63 percent worldwide. These figures are sufficient to tell how important for your websites to be accessible on a mobile device as it’s the quickest way possibly available with people to access and find a product or service around them. If your website has old versions and does not support a mobile device, you definitely loosing on the quality visitors who would be your potential customers. As a part of website redesign service, a mobile responsive website will widen the chances of potential visitors. Most of the mobile searches are locally focused which would be an added advantage of going mobile friendly for small businesses.


•    New Design brings Credibility-

 An outdated website is a turnoff for sure. Investing in website redesign not only brings freshness and sharp look but also ends up adding an immediate credibility to the business. It’s important to get rid of that generic outdated website and replace it with some better graphics, videos which attract more visitors and converting them into lead eventually. Redesigning your business website provides you with the opportunity of taking the beneficial advantages of the service.


•    Ease in updating Content –

Website redesign service enables compatibility with a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. which allows authorized the user to update content easily and in a faster way. Regularly updating website content boost search engine index of your business resulting in more and more visitors to your website. Redesigning your business website helps you get the desired outcome which your old outdated website fails to give you.


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All these said reasons are sufficient enough to understand why and how a website redesigning is important in every three years at least to keep your website fruitfully functional and giving desired results. We at Auxesis Infotech are all geared up to give your website a complete makeover in terms of design and functionality.

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