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Strategies How New Publishers Can Boost Revenue With Organic Traffic
6 July, 2020

Strategies How New Publishers Can Boost Revenue With Organic Traffic

With billions of websites online, it is quite hard for any new and even experienced publisher to get organic traffic. When it comes to making the best strategy to get organic traffic to your website, there are different ways including content marketing, social media, and SEO services to achieve it. Each approach has its own value. So, deciding which one is better is quite a task in itself. But most of the time, when all the approaches are combined together, a more effective result can be achieved in order to increase website traffic. 

In this post, we will talk about the ways through which new publishers can look to increase website traffic and therefore, boost revenue.

  • Start a Podcast

Unlike those old days when there was just print media to promote your business, the digital world offers plenty of options to choose from. Of those numerous options, one is a podcast. A podcast can help you get a new audience that you wouldn’t get through blog posts. Unlike other means of marketing, podcasts attract all those who want to listen while working on something or commuting to their work. You can build a personal connection with your listeners through a podcast who will be curious and naturally want to learn more about your website. 

  • Create Effective and Better Content Pieces

A majority of publishers believe that the more content they publish on their website, the more organic traffic they will get. However, getting more traffic isn’t enough if it isn’t ranking on Google. Now effective content not at all means that you produce it in large quantity. In fact, it refers to covering topics that your readers actually want to know about. In this way, you can provide information through every post which will eventually help you boost your revenue with organic traffic. Once you have started providing them with effective and informative content, your readers won’t leave your website in search of more information. 

  • Long Tail Landing Pages

It is no longer a hidden secret that a potential buyer uses precise phrases with just three or four keywords to search for a particular product. These keywords are like - ‘buy online 3D glasses’, ‘PS4 online price’,  or ‘buy best speakers’. Long-tail keywords are not competitive when compared to informational keywords. Therefore, it becomes important for you as a publisher to identify keywords that potential buyers use to search for the product or service you are selling. 

Also, build websites or landing pages with relevant long-tail keywords that best suit the needs of potential customers. This will help you convert potential buyers into customers and to get organic traffic to your website.

  • Infographics Link Building

Once you have done creating an effective content that actually ranks, it is time to work on your domain authority in order to boost your revenue with organic traffic. Digital marketing services can help you build digital relationships with infographics. Domain authority can be built through inbound links. If you have better domain authority, there are higher chances that your web pages can rank better than your competitors. For that, infographics are the best option. They can help you get inbound links and that too from websites with high domain authority. There is a fact that infographics bring life to the data through graphs, icons, charts, and compelling color combinations.

  • Monetization

If you are generating great content and are receiving a good amount of traffic on your website, monetizing your blog is indeed a great move to boost revenue. But for that, you need to consider a few factors: 

  1. A sizeable email list to start monetizing your blog by sending personalized emails with offers. 
  2. A good and consistent amount of traffic on your blog page. 

Getting massive amounts of traffic isn’t an overnight thing. It takes time as it is hard for users to trust you on one go. It’s patience and consistency that makes a publisher distinctive from another. Start working on these ideas and you will definitely see an increase in organic traffic to your website, gradually. 

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