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As well said by Thomas Husson, VP, and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research back in 2104 for Mobile app development- “Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations - it will transform your entire business.”

And it won’t be wrong to say that he predicted the future of mobile some six years ago when smartphone technology was just establishing its foothold in the market. And today, after all those years, if we look into the insights of the mobile market, well, it looks like he predicted it all right. In the present time, the smartphone industry is flourishing at a great pace, and consequently, so does the mobile app development market. Now, in case you never noticed, there is a direct correlation between smartphones and mobile apps. Considering the growing importance of mobile apps, more and more businesses are investing in mobile app development technology to establish themselves in the digital market, grow, and be successful. 

But there is a thing, the app development industry is very dynamic, and hence, witnesses new advancements every now and then. Therefore, it is crucial as a business owner to make sure to create an advanced mobile app that can make you stand out in the market. For a fact, the base to build a successful mobile app completely depends on the app development software or the framework you choose to build it. And in case if you have no idea what are the best frameworks, we have created a list of top mobile app development frameworks in 2021 that developers and mobile app development companies vouch for. Check out this list and on the basis of your business requirements and type of app you want to build, choose the best one for your mobile app development project, 

But before that, let’s know what a mobile app development framework actually is. 

What All You Need to Know About a Mobile App Development Software Framework?

Many have this misconception that in order to build an application, one must know complex programming languages. Well, kind of, it’s true but not entirely. To build an exceptional app, you need the best mobile app development framework along with an understanding of web-based languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript. However, if you don’t possess any experience in the app development sector, the best option is to simply go with an experienced mobile app development company that can help you create a brilliant app. 

In case you don’t know, a mobile app development framework is software that contains different elements such as compilers, toolsets, coding interfaces, and more. These elements collectively work to allow a developer or a mobile app development company to create mobile applications. The entire process works in a way that the developer or the mobile app development company writes the source code and thereafter, comes the involvement of the framework that renders the mobile app for the desired platform with the help of the elements. 

Popular Mobile App Development Frameworks

mobile app development


  1. Flutter

If you are an avid follower of the mobile app development market, then you know the popularity of Flutter as a top app development software. And if you want to build a futuristic cross-platform app, then this mobile app development framework is the best option. One of the reasons why this tool has such huge popularity and is trusted by every developer and mobile app development company is because it is Google’s product. Flutter is a UI tool kit and is used to create natively compiled apps not just for mobiles, but web and desktop as well, and that too through a single code base. Around the globe, developers consider this app development software as the best to develop 2D mobile apps because of its amazing pixel rendering features or you can say capabilities. 

Some internationally renowned apps like Alibaba, Cryptograph, and Google Ads are built on this Flutter framework. 

Features of Flutter:

  • Hot reload
  • A huge widget library
  • Minimal code
  • Cross-platform development
  • Access to native features and SDKs 
  • GPU rendering UI power
  • A wide array of IDE support
  1. React Native

If you are looking for a java-based mobile app development framework, React Native is the best bet. Just to let you know, Flutter and React are the two most popular mobile app development software at the present time. Just like Flutter, it is also an open-source framework that is used to develop futuristic cross-platform applications. Just to let you know, this framework is owned by Facebook. React Native is one such amazing tool that allows any mobile app development company or developer to effortlessly build interactive mobile applications for both platforms - iOS and Android. One of the best things about this framework is that it supports faster development as well as deployment, and therefore, is preferred by every business and mobile app development company. 

Tesla, Instagram, Amazon Prime Videos, and Skype are some renowned apps that have used React Native technology. 

Features of React Native:

  • Single code base for all platforms
  • UI focused
  • A strong community
  • Faster development and deployment
  • Support for third-party libraries
  • Live reload
  1. Xamarin

If it is about top mobile app development frameworks in 2021, Xamarinhas to be on that list. Supporting cross-platform app development, this app development tool allows a developer or a mobile app development company to create brilliant applications for both Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. Just to let you know, Xamarin is a product of Microsoft and is created with an aim to help .Net developers to create brilliant, futuristic cross-platform apps. Being an open-source framework, it uses a common codebase, and hence, reduces makes the development process faster. The app development software is known to deliver a flexible performance that helps a mobile app development company or a developer to build applications with a high user experience for the customers. 

Popular applications like The World Bank, Insightly, SuperGiant Games, and APX are built using the Xamarin framework. 

Features of Xamarin:

  • Modern integrated development environment
  • Mobile cross-platform support
  • Fast app development cycle
  • A wide range of  component store
  • UI focused
  • Single code base for all platforms
  1. Ionic

Built with Apache and Cordova, Ionic is another framework that is globally preferred and vouched by almost every developer and mobile app development company. Firstly, it is a free mobile app development framework and secondly, it is the best option to build hybrid and progressive web applications. The framework is known to use HTML5 technology to help developers to create feature-rich, intuitive apps for all three major platforms - Android, iOS, and Windows. One of the best advantages of using Ionic to build an app is that the framework allows developers and mobile app development companies to use multiple UI elements in the app design such as action sheets, forms, filters, tab bars, and more. 

Diesel, MarketWatch, Pacifica, and Nationwide are some renowned applications that have built using Ionic technology. 

Features of Ionic:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Cordova plugin
  • Ionic Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • JavaScript components
  • Web components
  • Native-like feel 
  • A huge community support

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No doubt, app development frameworks are crucial when it comes to building a high-performance, futuristic mobile app. And now that, you have are well aware of all the popular mobile app development frameworks in 2021, there is another thing you must know. In order to make the best use of any of the aforementioned frameworks, you need the best support from an experienced mobile app development company. And Auxesis Infotech is a highly experienced app development agency. Well, we not just have immense experience and expertise, but also great market knowledge which is very much crucial to create a product that your users want.

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