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eCommerce Marketing Plan: 7 Essential Tactics to Work On!

Since its inception, eCommerce has been one of the most flourishing industries in the market. And why not? It’s all about a range of product options, convenience, and better customer services. But if we talk about recent times, well, it’s so clear that the eCommerce industry has done so well and is at its peak. While the world was struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic times and people were forced to stay at their homes, it was the eCommerce sector along with healthcare that made sure that people continue to get the basic necessities. As a result, eCommerce saw a great surge in annual sales numbers. 

Now, talking about the current situation of the eCommerce industry, well, it is still growing at a great pace. And for retail businesses, the industry has indeed opened many opportunities post COVID-19 times. And if we talk about how to make the most out of those opportunities, a retail business surely needs to invest in eCommerce website design and development. But the question is will that be enough? And the answer is no! In this highly competitive market, retail businesses often find it difficult to improve their digital presence or the ranking on search engines. Thus, comes the need to invest in digital marketing or eCommerce marketing. 

And in this post, we are going to talk about the effective eCommerce marketing strategies through which you can improve the digital presence of your online store and make it grow. 

But before that, let’s know more about the concept of eCommerce marketing. 

What is eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce marketing is basically a process to drive awareness and action towards an eCommerce website. The entire process of marketing is performed by eCommerce marketers using different digital channels such as social media, search engines, digital content, email campaigns, and more. The main aim of an eCommerce marketing strategy is to facilitate the purchase by users on an online store. 

In simple terms, eCommerce marketing allows an online retail business owner to make the best use of digital marketing channels and tools to drive more traffic and sales on the online store. 

Importance of eCommerce Marketing For Your Online Store Website

Importance of eCommerce Marketing For Your Online Store Website

eCommerce marketing can also be touted as a specific term for digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. And agree or not, but digital marketing has become an inevitable need for every business, especially the eCommerce ones. However, as a business owner of an online store, it is crucial to understand that it’s a right of an effective digital marketing strategy that serves as the key to your success in the eCommerce industry. With that being said, let’s have a look at all the importance of eCommerce marketing for your eCommerce website. 

  • Market Your Product Online

 It wouldn’t be wrong to say that digital marketing has transformed the way of buying and selling goods and services. With a great digital marketing strategy, you can market your products online and provide hassle-free buying for your customers. 

  • Reach People Worldwide

One of the biggest advantages of owning an eCommerce website is that you can target a wider mass of audiences worldwide. But that can only be achieved when you market your online store. This would not just open opportunities for more sales, but you can also establish your eCommerce business into a brand. 

  • Impacts the Buying Decision of Customers

In case you don’t know, your digital marketing strategy also defines the customers’ buying decisions. With such stiff competition in the market, it is crucial to make sure to build such an effective digital marketing strategy that is able to not just attract new customers but retain them as well. 

  • Increase in Sales

The prime goal of any eCommerce business is to boost sales. And an investment in digital marketing services can help you ensure a way to boost sales of your eCommerce business. All you need to do is create the right digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce business. 

eCommerce Marketing Techniques That Must Be Included in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

eCommerce Marketing Techniques That Must Be Included in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that you know everything about eCommerce marketing, let’s talk about eCommerce marketing techniques that must be a part of your digital marketing strategy. 

  • Create Original Content

Time and again, experts have put their emphasis on original content. And not just experts, but search engines also put more focus on original content when it comes to SEO. Besides, the original content also appeals to customers in a way that convinces them to interact with your online store. However, while creating original content, make sure to add personality to your content and create it in a way that makes a statement in the minds of users. 

  • Integrate Social Media

Social media is a great platform to market your business if you use it wisely. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide great opportunities for businesses to market their products globally using hashtags strategically and compelling product pictures. If you are one of those small independent eCommerce businesses, then social media is a perfect way to attract customers., especially Instagram. 

  • Invest in Email Campaigns

People often think that email marketing is a waste of time and effort. But in reality, it is one of the most effective channels that should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Send regular valuable updates to your customers through emails. Along with that, there are also different occasions to send emails to your customers such as welcome emails, updates about exclusive deals & discounts, regular email newsletters, and thank you emails for the highest-value customers. 

  • Easy and Intuitive UI/UX Design 

Though the design of your eCommerce website is part of the development process, it plays a crucial role in marketing your online store. While designing the eCommerce website, your aim should be to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. For that, it is important to avoid common UI/UX mistakes that most eCommerce websites do. Hard-to-read fonts and confusing navigation are two crucial factors that define a bad UX design. Along with that, the speed of your website also plays an important role in creating a seamless user experience on your online store

  • Embrace Personalization

Another important marketing technique is personalization to drive more sales on your online store. For that, rely on user behavioral data and then serve the personalized experiences accordingly. Along with that, you also have to know about the past actions and preferences of users in order to create a personalized experience for them. As per a BCG report, personalization can improve your sales by as much as 10%. 

  • Focus on Retargeting

Many eCommerce businesses make the mistake of not retargeting potential customers who have visited their online store but did not complete the transaction. Retargeting is an effective marketing technique that you should include in your digital marketing strategy. In case you don’t know, retargeting is the process of showing banner, text, and social ads to users on the web. 

  • Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a new way of promoting independent or small eCommerce businesses. There is a psychology that works in online purchases; users prefer to shop from those online stores that have good online reviews. Along with the reviews, they also rely on influencers and peers for their recommendations about a particular eCommerce website. Therefore, you can be a part of an influencer marketing network and bring in micro-influencers in your industry to promote your business. 

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So, this is all about eCommerce marketing or digital marketing for your eCommerce business. However, in order to make the most out of these eCommerce marketing techniques, you need a great digital marketing strategy built by a professional firm. Talking about that, Auxesis Infotech is a renowned digital marketing agency having immense experience and exposure working in the eCommerce industry and delivering top-notch digital marketing services to businesses across diverse needs. 

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